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While Ajax systems offer great features, they don’t provide much in the way of intelligent home automation. Luckily, the company has an active community and listens to customer feedback. They are looking forward to introducing an API this year, what will allow to integrate the Ajax Security System with different platforms and standards. As a result, you can now vote for the features you want to see in your security system. But they can’t do much for you if you’re not ready to invest in a high-tech system yet.

Monitoring station

A monitoring station of the Ajax systems is a cloud-based service that allows its users to change and test their security devices remotely. The software can even change the sensor sensitivity and the siren volume. Ajax alarm systems can be configured to protect a specified area and can even be customized to protect certain groups of properties. The data communicated between the detectors and the control panel should encrypt to prevent unauthorized users from altering the settings of the security systems.

Ajax security systems are powered by the industrial-strength generators and surge-suppressed power management systems. That means that your design will remain operational, no matter the weather. The monitoring station is connected to the Ajax hub using NBG Telecom SIM cards, which work with multiple service providers to get the strongest signal possible. Users can even control the monitoring station from their mobile devices.

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Wireless sensors

Ajax has a range of wireless devices that can protect any type of object. The bridge Plus radio detector receiver connects up to 45-second generation Ajax wireless devices. The Ajax MotionProtect motion detector can be installed quickly and easily without disassembling the sensor housing. The Ajax Oxbridge Plus radio detector receiver is compatible with most-wired control panels.

Ajax security alarm systems use the Jeweller radio protocol to ensure that all wireless devices operate reliably. This secure communication method means that malicious people cannot jam the system. However, the Ajax security system automatically changes its frequency if anyone tries to stop the signal. It also features tamper protection, which protects devices against sabotage. The sensors working range is approximately two thousand meters.

Code grabbers

One of the benefits of a code grabber for the security alarm systems of Ajax is that they enable remote testing and setting of the devices. Ajax’s apps allow changing sensors’ sensitivity, sirens volume, and even the security group. The detectors and control panel data should be encrypted to prevent the hacker from overriding the security equipment. That prevents the hacker from changing the settings and gaining complete control over the security system.

Ajax Security Systems uses two main communication channels, cellular data and internet, for monitoring and alarming purposes. When one of the channels becomes inoperative, the system switches to the other channel. Alarms are sent via Ethernet or WLAN to the Ajax Security System central panel. These signals can indicate intentional attempts to disrupt.

Two-sided connection

Ajax uses the Jeweller wireless radio protocol, renowned for its high range and low power consumption. It can operate on two different frequencies and switches to the less-contaminated one if it encounters interference. It communicates alarms in less than a second and automatically adjusts the signal strength to avoid damping or detecting countermeasures. Ajax uses a two-sided connection to ensure it works even in areas where the security system can be out of order.

A control panel can control the Ajax security system, officially named KeyPad. The control panel inside the entrance door will sound an alarm once X seconds have passed. An unlock code is entered to turn the system off when the alarm has been activated. Users can set on or off the procedure in groups, as well.

Instantaneous alarm notifications

Ajax has made it easy to control your security alarm system with your mobile device. You can arm the system or switch on your appliances with a few taps before you get home. With instant notifications, you can stay on top of your security system. Ajax’s security systems are easy to install, use, and set up. There are many other benefits of using an Ajax security system. Read on to find out more.


Ajax Systems produces wireless alarm system devices that integrates smoke detectors, glass break sensors, and thermostats. It also integrates smart plugs and relays, making it easy to monitor and manage the entire system from your smartphone. Ajax Cloud is another benefit. It lets you set entry/exit delays and siren schedules remotely, and you can even reset false alarms using the app.

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