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DevOps is the combination of development and operations. It’s a popular method that many IT organizations use throughout the world. As a result, DevOps certification has increased in popularity in recent years. DevOps engineers integrate software development skills, such as agile techniques, with IT operations capabilities, such as infrastructure management, configuration, and automation, to bridge the communication gap between the development and operations teams.

These engineers aim to convert infrastructure into code by creating reliable techniques to automate the entire infrastructure and move it to the cloud using a set of tools for continuous delivery, integration, and monitoring. DevOps Best course demonstrates the specialized competitive abilities and subject knowledge required for success as a DevOps practitioner. They become a kind of evidence that the candidate meets high standards and are obtained through various tests, training programs, or performance reviews.

Top Ways to Get Your DevOps Certification Online

Earning a certification increases your chances of having a fruitful career because DevOps professions are typically among the highest-paid ones. The following is a list of the top DevOps certifications that candidates can use to further their careers:

  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration solution for automating containerized application deployment, scaling, and administration. It has become the industry standard for container orchestration and microservices deployment and is one of the most in-demand DevOps talents in today’s IT market. 

The CKA program provides a comprehensive curriculum covering all elements of Kubernetes administration, from installation and configuration to networking and security. Candidates who pass the CKA test will receive a globally recognized credential demonstrating their Kubernetes abilities and knowledge. If you want to start a career in DevOps or learn more about Kubernetes, the CKA certification is an excellent place to start.

  • Professional AWS-certified DevOps Engineer

It is now one of the most well-known certificates by experts and professionals around the world. It helps you validate your DevOps experience so you may advance professionally.

This test is meant for professionals having two or more years of experience setting up, running, provisioning, and maintaining infrastructures in AWS settings. Your abilities in developing AWS CD and CI systems, automating security measures, validating compliance, supervising and monitoring AWS activities, implementing metrics, and logging are proven. This DevOps certification assesses your ability to create highly scalable, self-healing systems on AWS.

  • Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator

Linux administration is a vital skill for a DevOps engineer. If you are a beginner in DevOps, getting certified in LFCS is one of DevOps’s best courses to start. The LFCS certification is good for three years. Holders must recertify the credential every three years by taking the LFCS or another recognized exam. For individuals who want to confirm their expertise in building and implementing Linux systems, the Linux Foundation also offers a Certified Engineer (LFCE) credential.

  • DevOps engineer expert certificate 

Microsoft Azure, like Amazon Web Services, is a cloud computing platform. This certificate is for applicants and professionals that work with businesses, people, and processes while possessing extensive subject matter knowledge in continuous delivery. Experts must be proficient in tasks such as implementing and designing techniques and products that enable teams to collaborate, converting infrastructure into code, performing continuous integration and service monitoring, and managing configurations, testing, and feedback to enroll in this certification program.

  • Prometheus certified associate

One of the top open source and cloud-native monitoring tools is Prometheus. The Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) certification focuses on monitoring and observability in Prometheus. This certification will teach you the essentials of Prometheus data monitoring, metrics, alarms, and dashboards.

  • Google cloud professional DevOps engineer certificate

For professional cloud developers, GCP provides a Google-accredited certification. These specialists are frequently in charge of properly carrying out development activities to reconcile the stated order with service dependability. This accreditation is for GCP experts who can build pipelines for providing software, monitoring services, and deploying it. Professionals interested in pursuing this certificate should have at least three years of industry-level competence and one year of experience with GCP management services.

  • Nano-degree in cloud dev Engineering

This certification teaches DevOps through real-world projects and hands-on experience. You’ll learn how to plan, build, and manage CI/CD pipelines. You’ll also learn how to code infrastructure (IaC).

After completing the program, you will be compatible with using highly scalable approaches and microservices with tools such as Kubernetes. Before opting for the program, you must have prior experience with HTML, CSS, and Linux commands and a basic understanding of operating systems.

  • DevOps engineering Foundation

The DevOps Institute’s DevOps Engineering Foundation qualification ensures a professional understanding of fundamental concepts, methods, and practices required to develop an effective DevOps deployment.

The DevOps Engineering Foundation accreditation, like the DevOps Foundation accreditation, has no requirements. The open-book online test comprises 40 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to which applicants must respond. There are self-study and trainer alternatives available. It takes at least 16 hours to study for an exam.

  • Hashicorp certified associate DevOps certificate

The HashiCorp Terraform Associate DevOps certification online is designed for cloud engineers with a background in operations, information technology, or development who are familiar with the essential concepts and abilities of open source HashiCorp Terraform. Prior industrial Terraform production experience is preferred but not required. If such is not the case, people can complete the test requirements in a customized demo setting. The bearer of this certificate learns about enterprise applications and functions and what can and cannot be done with open-source software. Participants must retake the test every two years to remain relevant.

Wrapping Up

DevOps training might be frightening. However, in this age, It is not difficult to discover one that matches DevOps certification with any tool or platform with which you are familiar. You must gain considerable hands-on experience with the DevOps technology for which you intend to be certified. To have a successful DevOps career, you must practice, study, and complete a DevOps certification online.

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