Haaland Is Named Premier League Player of the Month

The “Norwegian Giant” deserves the praise he is getting from fans from all across the globe. His recent title of the best Premier League player of August is also well-earned. Haaland is probably the best player Norway ever produced and his skills are matched only by his athleticism and explosive speed. The striker towers above other footballers with his 195 cm height and massive constitution.

The glory of Manchester City

Haaland was one of the most valuable players in Borussia. He became the youngest player to score 50 league goals in 2021 but suffered an injury that changed his playstyle which was noticed by many analysts. Previously, the player used his strength and agility to quickly take advantageous positions and battle for good spots using his superior physique. Now, he is smarter and, arguably, more dangerous.

After moving to Manchester City, the striker started utilizing a new strategy. While noticeable different, it is still immensely resultative. The player moves sparsely and usually does not touch the ball that often, but when he does, his explosive speed and unstoppable power make him a scoring machine. At the end of August, the player managed to score his first hat-trick against Crystal Palace.

Just four days later, he scored his first perfect hat-trick by putting the ball in the net using his right leg, left leg, and head to the same effect. After his impressive debut for the team in the Champions League, he set a new record by becoming the first-ever player to score 25 goals over 20 appearances in the prestigious interleague competition.

Whether his injury affects his playstyle and performance is a question that we do not have to ask. If it is true, the real form of this inhuman player is simply terrifying. Currently, his performance is at its peak and anything better would be a fantasy.

The deserved respect and the future of the player

Haaland is already the best Norwegian player and one of the best-performing talents in the world. His outstanding performances are just incredible to watch. His title of the best Premier League player in August may soon be overshadowed by the title of the best player of the season!

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