How to purchase a second-hand piano

Pianos are very expensive and indeed luxury items. If you are wishing to get your first piano, you would do well to purchase one from the second-hand market rather than paying for a new one. Pianos are available in all sizes and some of the very old ones have beautiful quirks to their woodwork which can add elegance and age to your home, as well as a level of comfort especially when played well.

#1 Check your space

When you are thinking about purchasing a piano, regardless of whether it is a new or a pre-loved one, it is important that you make sure that you have enough room for it and that you will be able to maneuver it into your property and to its new location easily.

There is nothing worse than paying a lot of money only to discover that the instrument does not fit into the gap you have specified for it, or that you can not physically get it into your home or through the areas needed in order for it to reach its final destination.

#2 Source your piano

There are different ways you can go about sourcing your new piano, obviously the first is to venture into piano shops and place an order. However, there are other options such as looking on the second-hand market. Sites such as eBay or Esty could be a good move but there are also the options of looking at social media selling sites and Shopify to see if you can find what you are wanting.

#3 Getting your new piano home

Once you have located your piano and have thoroughly checked the measurements against where you are thinking of putting it, you are going to want to get it to your home. It makes very good sense to hire specialized piano movers when moving a piano, and even more so when you have paid a good deal of money to get your perfect one.

#4 Hiring a professional tuner

Regardless of whether you choose a brand-new piano or a pre-loved one, after it has time to settle into its new surroundings, you are going to have to hire the services of a professional piano tuner. It is much better to hire a professional rather than try and do it yourself from an internet guide. They make sure that its strings have the correct tension and are therefore performing the right notes.

There are many different attributes to a piano’s changing notes which are not just down to the age of the instrument. Weather conditions, movement, and moisture in the air can affect the strings of a piano, as well as the amount of use that it gets. You will, therefore, have to schedule regular visits from a professional tuner to keep your instrument sounding and playing its best.

Final thoughts

It is important to check the amount of room you have and buy accordingly, rather than fall in love with a large piano only to find that you either cannot fit it into your home or have nowhere of manoeuvring it into place.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you savefromnet are aware of how to look after your new instrument, and ensure that you budget for regular visits from a local piano tuner to keep it in top condition.

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