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How to Use Chatbots for Marketing on Social Media

Chatbots have become an essential tool for businesses because of the many advantages, such as automation, fewer expenses, etc. Many companies from various industries have already integrated a website chatbot. Especially when it comes to eCommerce brands, chatbots can help provide customer support and cut the time and financial resources they would spend on hiring staff. 

If you want to make your brand’s customer experience more smooth, you should consider integrating a social media chatbot. You can answer repeated questions, provide support 24/7, and improve your brand awareness. 

Three tips to successfully integrate social media chatbots?

With so many benefits chatbots can provide, some businesses may still be confused about how they can efficiently integrate chatbots into their social media accounts. This article will give you major tips for using chatbots for a better marketing strategy.

1. Gather customer data

The main function of a social media chatbot is to provide customer service. This is done by answering their questions, sharing information about a certain product, and communicating. What are your gains from this? Apart from gathering a loyal customer base and maintaining great relationships with them, keep in mind that you get important data during the process. Thanks to the automation options from artificial intelligence, it’s possible to automate the whole conversation with your customers. This digital transformation strategy will help gather valuable insights about your customers regarding their preferences, favorite products, how they’d like to be addressed, etc. 

Later, you can create a completely new data-based strategy that will help predict your next steps in lead generation and customer experience. 

2. Choose your platforms wisely

Depending on your business industry, audience demands, and other important factors, you need to choose the right social media platform for business growth. For example, B2B companies should focus on Facebook and LinkedIn mostly. By integrating a Facebook chatbot, they can easily communicate with leads and turn them into long-term business partners. 

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have the most efficient chatbots for businesses that have improved their functionalities and features and now offer more convenient options for companies. 

3. Create an effective chatbot content strategy

When building your marketing strategy, you’ve most likely included your goals. What else should you have done anyway? Based on your business goals and chosen social media platforms, you will create content for interacting with your customers through chatbots. Make sure to gather customer information beforehand and understand what questions they ask, what concerns they have mostly, and how they’d like these issues to be addressed. This will help add the right questions and build an appropriate conversation with your chatbot. 

One of the best ways to gather such info is by communicating with your marketing and sales teams. They are the most aware of what your customers face and know how to solve their issues. 


Chatbots will come to the rescue if you want to maximize social media engagement, provide excellent customer support, and improve your business processes. However, you need to be strategic and create an efficient strategy for chatbot marketing. Once you do, you can gain lots of competitive advantages and achieve a great customer experience.

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