How to Wear Ripped Jeans – A Definitive Guide for Girls

Wearing ripped jeans can be challenging, but once you know how to wear them properly, you’ll want to wear them all the time. Maybe it’s a trend or, maybe it’s just something fun to try out for a change. Whatever your reason, this article includes everything you need to know about wearing ripped jeans and how to make the look work for your body type.

The trick to wearing ripped jeans is about playing around with different fits and cuts. Want to know more? Keep reading for our clear guide on how to wear ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans are the perfect way to go if you’re looking for style and ease. But a few rules should be followed when wearing the classic pair of jeans with your favorite outfit. They can be tricky to handle, and if you don’t pay attention, they could end up looking like a mess, but they’re worth it in the end. It’s all about learning how to wear them properly! So let’s get started.

How to Wear Ripped Jeans?

The first step to wearing ripped jeans is figuring out how much you are willing to gamble with them. If you’re determined to wear dark wash and a straight cut, then go for it! If, however, you like the look a bit more undone, then you probably want to look for different cuts and styles of ripped jeans in order to avoid making a complete mess.

You might be tempted by all the frayed pieces of fabric hanging from your waistband; however, heed my words and stick with the classic straight-cut.

A classic pair of ripped jeans for girls is one that features a straight cut without too many frayed edges or patches. A bit of damage can be good for your style, but if you don’t want to end up looking like a boy, then anything less than five rips should be ok.

As for the material and color choice, this is completely up to you. All types of denim are ok, from your blue and white star-patterned ones to the darker greys and blacks. Also, if you’re jeans junky and trying to get over your addiction, it’s best not to wear anything too colorful in case they’re washed with other clothes.

If you’re a bit more daring, then go ahead and choose the lighter tones of blue, black, or grey. Of course, these shades will work better with outfits that have a similar color tone.

If you still want a more daring look, try wearing high-waisted jeans with a ripped hem. This will give you a bit of extra exposure and, at the same time, double up as your bottom’s protective shield.

If you want to avoid having the rips visible on the front of your pants, then go for the high-waisted cut. Any top will look good with this style.

But if you’re feeling confident and don’t mind showing your ripped jeans to the world, go ahead and wear them with a more conventional style. The key is to find a balance between the two styles and ensure that the fit isn’t too baggy or tight.

Remember that ripped jeans are just like any other pair of jeans, so you should play around with the different kinds of washes, washes, and materials to whatever works best for you.

Are Distressed Jeans good?

Distressed jeans are one of the simplest forms of ripped jeans. They’re usually high-waisted and slim fit, with some sort of rips or frayed cuffs. Because they’re classic, they can be paired with pretty much any type of clothing, so you can have your pick from everything. You don’t need to look too different from everybody else because even if you’re wearing something that’s not as original as the rest, you’ll still look amazing and stand out from everyone else.

On the other hand, many people think wearing these types of ripped jeans may be too old-fashioned. But that’s not true at all. However, I can see why some people enjoy wearing them; there’s something very relaxing and comfortable about chilling in a pair of distressed jeans.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wear your ripped jeans at all, but if you feel like dressing in more formal clothes, then go for distressed instead.


I hope that this article has helped you. Now you have the basics on how to wear ripped jeans, so go ahead and try them out. Find a balance between the different styles and make sure that they’re not too damaged.

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