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All Hail – Movie Review

All Hail, a Netflix comedy, is about a famous TV weatherman who inspires a certain kind of adoration and respect for his predictions. But his career quickly goes haywire after he wrongly predicts a destructive hailstorm. If you’re unfamiliar with this Argentinian idiom, you can read a definition of the term in the dictionary below. It might make you wonder what “all hail” means.

All Hail is a comedy about the adoration that celebrities enjoy, and it’s a nice mix of mature themes and uplifting messages. In parodying fame, the film highlights the fickle nature of followers who put their trust in their favorite celebrities. The title character Miguel, played by comedian Francella, is adored by everyone. When he gives a bad forecast, he falls out of grace, but he’s forced to take responsibility for his mistakes and mend a broken relationship with his estranged daughter.

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