The Benefits of Kiosk Mode Software for Different Industries.

We have been using kiosk-based devices now and then, in different areas of life without actually knowing how they work. But, now the kiosk mode software has become a necessary element in every business and it can boost your sales and make a better customer experience very quickly. So, let’s dig into what it is, how it can help, and why does your business need it?

Kiosk mode software is security software that is designed to make any device work on kiosk mode. It means the device can be used in limited manners, running only essential applications, and performing certain functions. Back in 1977, the first self-service touchscreen kiosk device was developed. It was accessible with a plasma touch screen surface with a PLATO computer system. But, the kiosks being used today have come a long way since then.

Kiosks have changed and evolved into many other things such as a self-service kiosks, interactive kiosks, information kiosks, promotional kiosks, etc. Kiosks have become so common that every business wants to get their hands on this software, and they don’t need to get into the depth of its working and functioning. Kiosks apps and devices are very efficient and easy to use.

Nowadays, bulk Kiosks are not preferable as we see everything getting portable, faster, and lighter. It is desirable to make portable devices work in kiosk mode especially in the corporate sector as well. Since the information of the corporate sector is confidential and they don’t want to lose any data, so it is best to use MDM solutions that are providing kiosk functionalities. VantageMDM provides you the best platform where you can perform various functions such as monitoring, managing, and controlling corporate devices along with making them work on kiosk mode.

Benefits of Kiosks

For every industry, Kiosk devices are found to very efficient and helpful. Especially, the corporate sector has benefitted a lot from this software. Let’s take a look at what are the advantages of kiosk devices.

Faster Service

To make the customer experience better, self-service Kiosks have served a great purpose. Now, your customers don’t have to wait long in line for their turn. Kiosks are enough to get them what they want in the smartest ways. These kiosks are self-mounted/stand-alone devices that accelerate transitions and give efficient service without any interruptions and hurdles.

These devices can be used in high-traffic places such as airports and restaurants. Customers are provided with an easy-to-use interface where they can navigate the kiosks easily. A lot of kiosks are also being used for wireless payments and quick ordering, so the customers don’t have to wait for their turns at the restaurants either. These self-service kiosks have made customer experiences so much better and any industry can avail of these benefits.

Control over Device Usage

Monitoring and managing devices are also very easy and efficient with the help of an MDM solution that provides kiosk modes. For businesses, that are looking forward to controlling the devices being used at work, a kiosk is a great option.

When you have several devices at the workplace, and when are practicing BYOD (bring your device policy), you are at greater risk of losing and putting your data at risk. Also, your employees can open up several apps that can lead to viruses, spam, and whatnot. You cannot protect your company if you rely on the manual settings of each smartphone and digital gadget. That is where kiosks make your work easier for you.

With kiosks and MDM solutions, you can control and manage the devices that are being used at the workplace. You can also put limitations on the devices depending on which of the apps you want them to use and which ones should be inaccessible. This way, not only the devices will work efficiently, but you won’t have to worry about unnecessary viruses and spam as well.

When you manage those devices, you will avail following benefits:

  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Increased productivity because there will be fewer distractions and more focus.
  • Increased data security with less access to dangerous sites and downloads.
  • Reduced device wear and tear as those devices can only be used inside the workplace.

The Use of Kiosk Devices in Different Industries

The ATMs that we use regularly are kiosk devices, and so are the machines that are used in the departmental store. You can see kiosk devices everywhere such as in airports, hospitals, retail stores, restaurants, cafeterias, traffic locations, etc. Several self-service kiosk devices have made life easier for us in many places. Also, you will find these kiosk devices in educational institutes to make sure that students get uninterrupted learning sessions. Here are some of the very common types of kiosk devices:

Self-service Kiosk

Self-service kiosks are being used at various places and they help in the following things:

  • Order food at a self-service or take-away restaurant without any hassle of waiting in lines.
  • Filling out forms without any additional distractions
  • Appointment setting without being held on the call.
  • Self-check-ins
  • Purchasing parking tickets
  • ATMs for withdrawing and depositing cash.
  • Bills payments
  • Paying for hospital prescription

There are several ways in which the self-service kiosks help us in our daily lives making our tasks easier. We use them every day in our daily activities.


A mobile point of sale is being used very commonly around us. You see these kiosk devices in almost every retail store and restaurant. It can be any digital gadget such as a mobile, tablet, laptop, etc, that can be used as a cash register. These are specifically built POS terminals that are based on Android and IOS usually.

Info Screens

Have you ever visited a theme park or a mall where you see big screens showing off information about that area? These screens are typically built to provide information to the user. You can find directions and navigational information on these screens as well. You can also zoom in and out of these screens to enjoy further interaction. Here are some common applications of info-screens:

  • It can provide patients’ information at the hospitals.
  • It can display timetables and schedules at transport stations.
  • Display ads in public places such as expos, offices, events, and trades.
  • Providing availability in retail stores and giving product information.

Kiosks in Different Industries

Kiosks have several users in different industries, such as:

  • Stock level monitoring
  • Teaching schools with interactive devices
  • Delivery tracking
  • Movie ticket scanning
  • Viewing patient’s information in telehealth and the healthcare industry
  • Viewing seating charts
  • Ordering food
  • Sharing devices in the company

To enable the kiosk mode, you either kiosk mode software or MDM solution. MDM is the best option you can avail yourself of to get kiosk devices as well as do other tasks like monitoring, tracking, and managing devices. You can avail several benefits and make sure that you get what you want exactly. Not only you can monitor and keep an eye on every gadget, but you can also make sure that no data is lost and all confidential information is secured inside the premises.

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