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The roof shape that is commonly used to build resort-style houses.

Resort style houses have always been popular houses. Because it is a house that focuses on designing for relaxation and relaxation. The house style is also suitable for hot climates. The outstanding part of a resort-style house is the roof. which will be What kind of roof? Let’s follow and get to know each other.

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Know the roof shape that is commonly used to build resort-style houses.

There are many types of standard house roofs, including flat roofs, shed roofs. throttle roof gable roof hipped roof Manila style roof, round roof, polygon roof and domed roof The roofs that are commonly used to build resort-style houses are as follows:

which from the combination of two roof styles Therefore, the complexity of the roof shape is more than other designs. and may cause leakage problems during roof joints Therefore, we have to choose a home builder company that is highly skilled and experienced.

1. Gable roof

The roof shape is a triangular gable that extends throughout the roof. There will be two sloping roofs colliding at the top end of the roof. Because the shape of the roof is raised and has a lot of space under the roof This makes it possible to ventilate under the roof well. It makes the house cool and comfortable, so it is a standard roof that has been used for a long time.

This gable roof There will be very few leakage problems. because of the angle of the house Provides a very special slope when it rains, allowing the force of water to quickly spread into the lower layers. If there is a leak in the roof, it doesn’t create much of a problem. For a resort-style house that is interested in a gable roof. Consider the wind direction when it rains. If it is the direction facing into the gable of the house Should install additional awning roofs or expand the eaves to make the house wider. to prevent rain from entering the house

2. hipped roof

The distinctive feature of the hipped roof is The roof structure has four sloping sides that collide as the culmination point. and is the top of the roof The eaves often protrude to cover the house. Good protection from sun and rain. And this type of roof also has the advantage of being durable with the nature of the roof where all sides converge on the top to create stability.

For a resort-style house that chooses a hipped roof structure. You must choose a home builder company that has expertise in building roof structures like this. because the roof has more connection points than others may cause leakage problems.

3. Manila style roof

This roof was created by combining the advantages of hip joint and gable shape. is the strength to withstand the impact of wind, sun, wind, rain from all directions of the hip joint and good heat dissipation ability of the gable shape The slope of the Manila-style roof is also suitable for rainwater drainage and can also protect the house from the sun on all four sides like a hip-hop shape.

The shape of the roof gives a lot of space under the atrium. conducive to heat dissipation through the eaves like a gable In addition, the distance of the eaves extending from the surrounding houses also helps provide shade. It is very suitable for the climate of Thailand.

4. Flat roof

Flat roof or bare roof It is a roof that is flat in the same plane as the ground. It is considered the most popular style for homes in this era. And many types of resort-style houses tend to choose this type of roof to use. because it is simple Easy to build, uncomplicated It can also be applied to the area of ​​the roof. which is called the deck to be useful, such as a roof garden, a sitting garden, and a cool breeze area as well

The flat roof absorbs heat and receives rainwater directly. Therefore, it must be built with a slight slope to pour into the rainwater drainage holes or drain pipes on the roof. and has good waterproofing

There are many different types of roof structures. Each model has its own distinctive features. Precautions vary. Therefore, you should consider carefully before choosing the right one for your home. Because besides being beautiful Must not neglect strength, safety and suitability to the weather and space. including a standardized design that should be carried out by an expert which a home builder company is a good choice that can meet all your needs

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