What Injuries Happen The Most From Falling Down Stairs

Over 8 million people in the U.S. were rushed to the hospital for injuries they suffered from a fall, reports the National Safety Council (NSC). A bad fall can cause someone to suffer a serious injury, but if you have fallen down a flight of stairs, your injuries could be life-threatening.

When someone tumbles down a staircase, they will fall much farther than if they fell on a flat surface. Also, you will likely hit various areas of your body, leading to a plethora of potential injuries. Because of the frequency and potential severity of the injuries, safety for walking on stairs can be a big concern at either the home or the workplace.

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What Should I Do If I’ve Fallen Down Stairs?

Anyone may slip and fall down the stairs. This is why it is important to know what should be done if this happens ahead of time. This will help you avoid serious injuries and get assistance as soon as possible.

If you are by yourself and tumble down the stairs, you may do the following steps:

Call for assistance.

– To draw attention, slam your shoe or another solid object against the staircase or the floor.

– If you can still move okay, without further injuring yourself, get into a secure posture to wait for aid.  If you can, move yourself off of the stairwell and onto a level area.

– If you believe that moving would aggravate your injuries, don’t move and instead wait for help.

Following an evaluation of your injuries, the following steps can further help you:

– Reduce the possibility of swelling by using an ice pack to areas of minimal discomfort.

– Reduce any pain or inflammation with over-the-counter pain relievers like Advil.

– Severe injuries, like a fracture or deep wounds, or worse, you should be treated immediately.

– If your mild injuries do not begin to get better after a few days, see a doctor.

Injuries That Happen Most Often From a Fall Down The Stairs

A fall when walking down stairs can end in many varieties of injuries. The most frequent injuries that are sustained are to the lower body, followed by head trauma. It’s sprains or muscle strains that account for nearly 1/3 of injuries from a stair-related fall, according to The American Journal of Emergency Medicine. Below are the injuries seen the most:

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Minimal Injuries:

– Sprains: where someone suffers a joint ailment when ligaments in your knee or ankle strain or rip.

– Strains: If your muscles stretch too far or even tear, this is a strain that can happen in the arms, legs, back or anywhere else on your body.

– Bruises: The buttocks are often where the brunt of a stair fall occurs and will be bruised.

– Small cuts: You see these when parts of your body hit the stairs or railing.

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Serious Injuries:

– Deep Lacerations – Severe wounds that may need stitches.

– Fractures – Bones that have been broken in commonplaces like the leg, arms or foot.

– Head Trauma: Concussions, a fracture of the skull, and a brain injury falls into this injury category.

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– Herniated disk: This happens when the soft core of a rubbery disc between the bones in your neck or back pushes through the outer shell, causing severe discomfort.

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