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Which type of chin is the most beautiful with filler injections?

The chin is another part of the face. That adds only a little but can help the face shape to change a lot Therefore, it is suitable for people who have short chin, recessed chin, cut chin, causing the face to look disproportionate and lack dimension. There are two popular methods: chin augmentation surgery. and chin filler injections Today we are going to introduce chin filler injections for girls who are interested and want to know what kind of chin is injected with fillers and are they the most beautiful? Let’s find the answer from this article.

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What type of chin? Filler injections are beautiful.

chin filler injection Can solve the problem of short face, fat face, disproportionate face shape, lack of dimension to look slender. more beautiful Most people are suitable for chin filler injections. is a person who has the following chin characteristics:

– People with short chin problems make the face look short and round fat as well. The chin filler injection will help to adjust the face to be slender. more proportion

– Problems with a chin cut The tip of the chin is cut parallel in a straight line. Make the face look not sweet, square face, which filler injection will help adjust the shape of the chin to look slim. have more dimensions

– Problems with a reverse chin When viewed from the side, the face lacks dimension. see clearly and make the face round disproportionate face shape Chin filler injections will help adjust the chin to look proportional. and make the face have dimensions from every angle

– Problems with a dimpled chin Looks like a man’s chin, a collapsed chin, a dimpled slit, by injecting fillers to help fill in this flaw to be more complete.

chin filler injection

chin filler injection Many people may think that it is scary, looks insecure, fears the consequences will come later. Such as filler sag, distorted chin, various rotten chin, but do not worry about it. Because at present, chin filler injections are not dangerous. and not as scary as you think If we choose to inject with a specialist doctor in a reliable clinic and use quality products Authentic can be checked And because chin fillers can last for about 18-24 months before completely disintegrating. Therefore, it does not leave any residue in the body. So it’s definitely not dangerous.

Which the doctor will use a type of filler hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid) or HA injected to fill the area that needs or fixes the point where there is a defect to adjust the shape of the chin to be very beautiful Get a natural face As a result, the face looks proportional. look more dimensional

by injecting chin fillers Can solve problems for people with disproportionate chin Whether it’s a short chin, a cut chin, a dimpled chin, a receding chin, it’s a technique that sees results quickly. In addition, chin filler injections are also an answer for those who do not want to have a painful chin augmentation surgery. and take a long time to recuperate

Advantages of chin filler injections

– See the change results immediately after the injection. This is a quick and effective way to reshape the chin.

– No surgery, no scars, no need to waste time in recovery.

– If you are not satisfied with the results Additional fillers can be injected. or injecting the filler out to adjust the new shape immediately The procedure is not difficult.

– chin filler injection Provides smooth results It looks more natural than chin augmentation surgery. because chin fillers can be injected along with adjusting the face frame to make the front suspension look more perfect. In addition, as we get older The layout will change. If we add a chin Silicone can be sagging.

Technique for injecting chin fillers without lumps

There is a specific technique that can help the chin filler injection come out naturally to the patient’s face. with injection techniques to adjust the shape of the front suspension to be more perfect because if the injection or fill only one chin area The result will be unnatural and the chin will look long, lumpy and disproportionate.

The doctor who has experience in injections to adjust the shape of the face expertly There will be a technique for injecting fillers from the chin area. follow the frame Do not inject only at one point. So the results are natural. It also helps to sharpen the face frame as well. Called to adjust the shape of the front suspension to be proportional. and has dimensions from every perspective

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