Common Types Of Wasps That Are Harmful To Humans

Although wasps appear similar to bees, they can be much more harmful and dangerous. One of the contributing factors to it is that wasps can sting or bite multiple times, whereas bees lose their sting after attacking once. 

Female wasps can sting while male wasps usually bite. The general appearance of wasps has orange or yellow stripes, but particular species are harmful to humans and can even result in death. On average, almost 50 people face fatal allergic reactions because of wasps stings or bites yearly. If you see wasps in your house, you must take quick action and the first benign calling a Rove Pest Control service to remove them permanently from your home. 

Like most insect species, wasps have a high production rate, so if you do not act fast, they might increase and spread all over your house. This can result in painful stings and bites, which can cause irritation and allergies. 

Nevertheless, here are some common types of wasps you should look for in your house or surroundings. These species are harmful to humans and can cause severe medical complications. 

  • Yellow jacket wasps

The yellow jacket is one of the most dangerous wasp species because of its aggressive nature. These wasps are most active in the summers and attract easily to food smells like barbeques, picnics meals, festivals, etc.

Yellow jacket wasps come under predatory species and usually form colonies of around 4000 to 5000 wasps in one nest. These wasps can become aggressive within minutes if their hive is threatened and will start attacking. Yellow jacket wasps form their colonies under trees, shrubs, gutter roofing, and under windows or doors. 

  •  Hornets (Aggressive)

Hornets are an aggressive wasp species that can sting or bite through clothes or layers. Hornets have a unique way of guarding their nest; they set up one or two teams of hornets to loop around the nest and assess any threats or dangers. 

Just like yellow jacket wasps, hornets are also very protective about their nest and will come to attack if they sense any threat to their home. They are usually found in well-protected areas like sheds, gutter roofing, hollow branches in trees, etc. 

  • Paper wasps

Commonly found in North America, paper wasps are an aggressive wasp species. Paper wasps have a different way of building their nest than other wasp species. They make their nest by chewing wood pulp and are named after their nest-building process. 

Paper wasps are generally reddish brown and have yellow rings around their body. They can be easily identified because they float long glegs when they fly. This wasps species is most active from spring to fall. 

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