How Bad Company Spoils Children & Methods to Mend Them

Kids and students learn a lot from their peer group and company of friends they spend their time with. Friends help each other in every small and big issue like if a student needs to know just about ERP full form then his/her peers will bring all details related to it in order to help his/her buddy. Friendship means a lot to everyone; this is a relationship which is free from every kind of barrier created by humans. As per above statements friendship can make life heaven whereas on the other hand bad company that means friendship with bad people can devastate anybody’s life in a jiffy. Student’s life is a tender life where students have very less experience and knowledge of the world, they only focus on that joyful time which they enjoy with their friends and it hardly matters to them whether that friend is a good person or bad. Bad company can completely destroy the life and career of a topper. Students who always prepare notes and memorize the course material can stop making notes suddenly and will degrade in studies just because of bad company. Parents have to spend most of the time in their professions and children spend their maximum time with their classmates or their peer-group and keep on imitating their friends. So, here are some steps which parents can take in order to control the company.

Parents should have very healthy and positive bonding with their children. In this way children will share all the details about their peer group and people they spend time with. This is so because communication gaps between parents and children result in horrifying situations as children stop respecting parents and lose interest and love for the parents also and parents keep on thinking about the reason behind it. Parents should have open conversations with their children about their best friends, their living manner, about their families, and why their child likes his or her best friend so much. Parents should not let the child feel this conversation as enquiry instead a healthy introduction so as to stay updated about the peer life of the child. Parents should notice carefully which friend’s company keeps their child happy and jolly and whose company makes them scared and stressed. This should work  like learning management system as it eliminates what is harmful for school management and brings in the beneficial elements. This makes a clear picture for the parents about whom to keep close to their child and whom to keep away.

Sometimes parents aren’t aware but gradually they spoil their child. The relation between parents and children defines the future behavioral pattern of the child. This is very simple, if the child gets proper love and affection from the parents then he will be a loving and caring person and if he is neglected and isolated by his parents in his early days then surely, he will be an emotionless and cruel kind of person who doesn’t care how far his actions can hurt someone’s feelings. Whereas too much love and too much care also spoils the kid in many manners. This kind of extra care spoils the mind of the child and he starts to think as he is the most important person on earth and being in this illusion, he or she starts to treat other students and kids in a mean way. An equilibrium is necessary for their upbringing. Spoiling a child will be poison for his or her future life socially and morally. Such children will lack maturity socially and emotionally also and will ignore school time then with such students. Teachers can choose to teach online. When teachers start to teach online, such spoiled children don’t get chances to show tantrums.

Here are some symptoms which can define a spoiled child. The child starts to over react to anything randomly at home and at public places. He will be very stubborn and dissatisfied with whatever is given to him like toys, dress, books or any other thing. This child will sit or lay down anywhere in an idol position totally that too with zero contribution in any work in home or outside. This child will be angry and will misbehave every time, doesn’t matter how far you go to make him or her happy. Indiscipline and disobedience will be his or her favorite attribute. This kind of child is very selfish and always angry. He/she embarrasses his/her parents publicly and personally too. Such a child possesses a bossy nature and considers rest as his/her servant. Now let’s understand the methods to handle a spoiled child. Such a child should be given some responsibilities and should be ensured that he or she won’t receive any facility until he or she completes the task. This will make him/her responsible. There should always be rules regarding playing, studying, watching tv etc and strictly these schedules and rules should be followed by such a child to be in discipline. Parents should be robust enough to not let the spoiled child control their lives and wishes. Child should be made to understand his/her limits. Child should not be over praised and should not be stubborn or should be ready for consequences. Parents should not accept every demand of such a child instead they should say no to useless demands of such a child and should be made to wait so that child should learn patience.

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