The full form of ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. Like the ERP full form suggests, it is a business management software where all business operations and activities are administered and monitored. Enterprise resource planning software controls manages, supervises, and presents a range of activities that helps in the smooth working. The activities include accounting, procurement of stock and materials, project management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations. ERP software enables the automation of vast data that helps reduce manual errors. Hence, multiple business forms, especially educational institutions, use ERP software.

Every educational institution, such as a vocational center, school, college, and university, deals with vast data. The data are regarding the admission process, collection of fee process, details of staff, examination process, grading and certificates, and other non-academic entrepreneurial activities. Governance of such an immense number of activities enhanced with automation and for what ERP full form stands, that is, enterprise resource planning, is the best software for such automation.

Educational institutions can enhance and uplift their credibility by using ERP applications in many ways, such as:

Complete control of the institution – An ERP application provides every educational institution to control and administer all academic, non-academic, and operational activities effectively and efficiently. With the application, the management of the intuition can know about the lesson plans of the educators, topics completed to date, feedback of students, as well as can evaluate the performance of the students with result analysis.

Transparency – Using the ERP application, education institution is becoming more transparent and systematic. Any staff, and especially the leaders of the institution can know and analyze the progress of their learners, educators, and even the institution itself rapidly and efficiently. Similarly, the guardians of the learners can also use the application and analyze the learners’ performance.

Better Connectivity – As the educational institution grows, the management work becomes more complex. It results in poor connectivity among the stakeholders of an organization. It leads to repeated clerical work, waste of time, and unorganized workflow. The Enterprise Resource Planning software gives the best solution by connecting every learner, educator, guardian, other staff members, and the management heads. The software provides separate portals for all the stakeholders to log in and access their data.

Management of Admission Processes – The admission Process is one of the monotonous and tiring tasks in any educational institution. It is tedious to sort out the learner application, analyze the application weightage and provide admission manually. With the enterprise resource planning software, the applicants can apply online. Thereby the administrators can sort, and filter the applications effectively and efficiently.

Management of Financial Activities – The management of accounts and finance becomes an unchallenging task with the introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning software in the educational institution. The application facilitates students to pay their course fees or any other payments to the institution online through multiple payment gateways.

Management of Attendance – The ERP software facilitates digital monitoring, and management of the attendance of learners, educators, and other staff members smartly. The software can provide monthly, quarterly, and annual attendance reports of the students and staff in just one click. It also provides portals to apply leaves and thereby digitally record the attendance.

Management of Operational Activities – With ERP application, all educational institutions can smartly manage their secondary operational activities like research activities, adjudicative process, public service functions, campus events, institution-sponsored off-campus events, placement activities, and procurement of necessary facilities.

Boost Students and workforce outcome – The result and performance of learners create reputation, credibility, and authenticity for any educational institution. With the ERP application, the educators, guardians, the management, and the students themselves can monitor, evaluate, and analyze their examination, assignment, and overall performance in an effective manner. The continuous and comprehensive evaluation and monitoring of the result boost the enthusiasm of students and teachers to perform better.

The ERP software truly justifies its full form of enterprise resource planning, by fully helping the enterprise to plan and manage all its resources.  Implementing ERP software in an educational institution provides the institution with the life-cycle of all their learners and educators and other staff members in just one click. Enterprise resource planning software is the best way to administer the institution.

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